Sudden Cardiac Death/Facts
What is so important to know about Sudden Cardiac Death?
The answer is:
Sudden Cardiac Death comes out of nowhere and is totally devastating for bereaved families by leaving very little or no answer about what happened to their loved ones


1. 12 fit and healthy young people die every week in the UK of undiagnosed cardiac conditions.

2. There are at least 200,000 individuals aged under 35 in the UK who harbour a cardiac condition that is capable of causing Sudden Cardiac Death.

3. There are approximately 600 cardiac deaths every year in individuals in this age group.

4. Some 80% of deaths occur with no prior symptoms; like Nicola.
It is important to make a distinction between this term and the related term cardiac arrest, which refers to cessation of cardiac pump function which may be reversible.
The phrase sudden cardiac death is a concept incorporating the features of natural, rapid, and unexpected. It does not specifically refer to the mechanism or cause of death.
In about 1 in every 20 cases of sudden cardiac death, no definite cause of death can be found, even after the heart has been examined by an expert cardiac pathologist. Nicola sadly falls in to this group.

Much attention in the press has been focused on young athletes who die suddenly whilst training as a consequence of sudden cardiac death. A great deal of time and money is being spent on researching these cases and in implementing schemes to screen young athletes to prevent their occurrence. It must be stressed however that these cases are rare compared to the hundreds who die each year of coronary arrest.
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